Property Maintenance Solutions

Do you have any challenges with the upkeep and appearance of your property?
Looking to find a team to manage and maintain your property?
All-in-one maintenance services for your Residential,
Commercial, Municipal, Institutional, and Condominium properties

We have the solution to ensure your property showcases professionalism just like your establishment.  Landscaping and lawn care, litter cleanup, and garbage removal, Toronto Property Solutions can develop a custom plan for your property to make a great first impression

Comprehensive Property Maintenance Solutions

Toronto Property Solutions team provides property maintenance services for your business within the Greater Toronto Area.  We provide year round and seasonal services such as commercial cleaning, which includes litter cleanup, industrial power washing, graffiti removal, to regular maintenance for heating and ventilation systems, electrical, and and.  We develop a property maintenance checklist with you, tailored to your property needs which will include items such as scope of work and scheduled periodic visits.

Our team are here to tackle all your maintenance and repair challenges, in and around your building, and the property in which your building is situated on.

Benefits offered with our Service

Year round, 365 days maintenance

We monitor your properties to make certain it adheres to a high quality standard, so you can carry on with more importance business matters.

Trusted Subcontractors

We work with reliable, dependable, and professional sub-trades with respective licenses.

Custom plans developed on individual basis

Tailor a Maintenance plan that suits and checks off your needs.

Our Property Maintenance Services

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Why Choose TPS?

At Toronto Property Solutions, no project is too large or small, our management team employs and train’s a highly skilled workforce to ensure your properties display the kind of workmanship and professionalism that is recognized. Our team is quality and results-driven to ensure the work is completed right the first time while maintaining the highest quality standards. We utilize the right equipment to complete all your landscape, snow removal and property maintenance needs on time, and within budget.
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