Demolition Solutions

Are you looking to clear an area of land to be used for a new structure or otherwise?
Has a building become hazardous and needs to be removed?
Are you looking to remove an existing building, or structure?

From dismantling to the removal of debris, we provide safe deconstruction of buildings, homes, and structures, clearing of hazardous material, and getting your land ready to be built on for your new construction ventures.  We will manage the scope of the project from the application of permits to the hauling of material from the site.

We have a demolition team with the right equipment to handle a wide range of demolition activities including:

  • Inspection of building, identification of hazardous material, possible sampling
  • Cost Control and Contingency planning for reusable equipment
  • Salvagement of building inventory¬†
  • Removal of large pieces of the structure

Call us today to find out how we can help with your Demolition projects

Construction Services

Toronto Property Solutions have the in-house expertise and relationships with licensed subcontractors to tackle your large and small construction projects on time and within budget.

Our team oversees and manages all phases of the project, from communicating with the municipality, acquiring permits, and coordinating several stages with trusted licensed tradespeople to ensure the job is completed on time, according to specifications, and to a high safety standard.

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