Fertilization and Weed Control Solutions

Is your lawn lacking growth?
Are weeds starting to grow over your lawn?
Looking for a preventative solution?

It is important to include fertilization as part of your lawn care plan   

Toronto Property Solutions provides lawn fertilization and weed control services for your property’s lawn. Based on the season and weather your region experiences, our team will formulate a fertilizer mix tailored to your specific property. Depending on the season we recommend fertilizing your lawn every 7-8 weeks, coupled with our other lawn care services.

Let’s bring your lawn back to life!

Benefits of fertilization

  • Reduction in weeds, prevention of weeds growth
  • Increase immunity of your lawn for protection against disease
  • Pest resistance
  • Replace nutrients that are absorbed by your lawn for continual growth
  • Development of deeper roots for better resistance to drought during the dry season
  • Thick green lawn

Call us today to find out how we can help with your fertilization and weed control needs.


First impressions matter, and can mean everything when you’re a business. Ensuring that the surrounding area of your business looks great not only adds value but gives your establishment a sense of professionalism. Having well-trimmed grass, colorful flower gardens, and shrubs, your establishment will give people a sense of care, which will give customers a great first impression of the business before even stepping foot inside. 

Toronto Property Solutions provides professional landscaping solutions that you can count on. Our highly qualified team understands the importance of attention to detail. We elevate customer service to a new level while holding our team and crews to a high level of quality and accountability, which results in excellent workmanship, service, and pleased clients.

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