Lawn Irrigation Solutions

Is your lawn looking a bit frail?
Does it look dry and has your lawn lost its vibrant colours?
Plants and grass may appear dead, but no need to panic, they can be revitalized
Lawn Irrigation systems and repairs​

Just like ourselves, healthy lawns rely on water to keep hydrated. During hot summers, your lawn can suffer from a lack of water under the sun. Signs of yellowing, patching, visible footprints, soil shrinkage, and light colour soil are signs that your lawn may be suffering from dehydration. Having an irrigation system installed can address all of these issues and help your lawn look healthy and beautiful during the dry season.

At TPS, we offer irrigation installation and repairs for all property types. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing irrigation system or install a new irrigation system, our qualified team will be able to provide helpful guidance to find a system that’s right for you. We work with a variety of brands and suppliers, enabling us to tailor custom solutions that consider your needs. Some of the irrigation solutions we provide include:

Some of the irrigation solutions we provide:

Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Most common type for households, water is supplied overhead and allows for larger surface area coverage

Trickle Drip Irrigation

  • Irrigation lines are spread across the lawn to provide direct water supply to roots, making it one of the most efficient types.

Subsurface Irrigation

  • Irrigation lines are spread across the lawn below the surface to provide direct water supply to roots, making it one of the most efficient types.

Surface Irrigation 

  • Common type found in agriculture and farmlands, this system delivers water to crops using gravity for the overland flow of water
Smart Irrigation Systems

Using a combination of advanced technology sensors and controllers, this type is used in conjunction with other delivery methods above to monitor the moisture levels and conditions of soil to optimize watering by automatically activating nozzles to adjust watering levels.

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First impressions matter, and can mean everything when you’re a business. Ensuring that the surrounding area of your business looks great not only adds value but gives your establishment a sense of professionalism. Having well-trimmed grass, colorful flower gardens, and shrubs, your establishment will give people a sense of care, which will give customers a great first impression of the business before even stepping foot inside. 

Toronto Property Solutions provides professional landscaping solutions that you can count on. Our highly qualified team understands the importance of attention to detail. We elevate customer service to a new level while holding our team and crews to a high level of quality and accountability, which results in excellent workmanship, service, and pleased clients.

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