Lawn Aeration Solutions

Does the surface of your lawn feel spongy and dry?
Does the soil feel hard to the touch with thinning grass?
Are there signs of diseases forming like brown patches? Is there high foot traffic or frequent usage?

Your lawn may require aeration to improve its health and longevity which is an important component of a healthy lawn. Lawn aeration can be compared to our digestive system, to break down and absorb the nutrients, our gut health as humans are paramount. The same can be said about your lawn, for a healthy green lawn to grow, the soil the roots are in must be able to absorb water, fertilizer, pesticides, and necessary nutrients. This is done by loosening dirt and creating gaps for water and nutrients to be absorbed. Aerating promotes the decomposition of organic matter, helping fertilize the grass, and creating deeper and stronger roots.

Toronto Property Solutions Ltd. provides aeration services periodically based on your lawn needs. We develop a plan tailored to your property based on current lawn health, soil composition, and aeration type.  

Lawn aeration provides many benefits among other things;

  • Increase root growth
  • Minimize thatch build up and improve seed-soil contact
  • Relieve soil compaction which prevents water and nutrient penetration
  • Increase nutrient, oxygen, and water circulation
  • Stimulated root development and growth
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling
  • Prepares grass for winter dormancy and the spring season 
  • Decrease diseases susceptibility 
  • Increase drought tolerance with longer denser roots
  • Reduce the need for extra fertilizer
  • Increase the population of beneficial organisms for healthy lawns (such as worms)

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First impressions matter, and can mean everything when you’re a business. Ensuring that the surrounding area of your business looks great not only adds value but gives your establishment a sense of professionalism. Having well-trimmed grass, colorful flower gardens, and shrubs, your establishment will give people a sense of care, which will give customers a great first impression of the business before even stepping foot inside. 

Toronto Property Solutions provides professional landscaping solutions that you can count on. Our highly qualified team understands the importance of attention to detail. We elevate customer service to a new level while holding our team and crews to a high level of quality and accountability, which results in excellent workmanship, service, and pleased clients.

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