Sidewalk Snow Removal Solutions

Alleviate the risk of pedestrian injury and enjoy peace of mind with our snow-free walkway service.

All properties and business owners must clear the adjacent sidewalk of snow or ice within 12 hours of snowfall as per the Snow and Ice Clearing Bylaw. 

Toronto Property Solutions provides rapid and reliable sidewalk clearing service to communities within the Greater Toronto Area. Pedestrians rely on cleared sidewalks during the winter months to access parking lots and most importantly your business, help mitigate risk and protect the health and safety of all. Help keep the community and clients safe by clearing snow and ice from pathways and walkways leading up to your buildings.  

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Our Snow Removal Solutions

Toronto Property Solutions offers enterprise-level snow removal and ice management services for commercial, municipal, institutional, and condominium clients within the Greater Toronto Area. Our team has built credibility and trust within the property maintenance industry as one of the best, and our reviews speak for themselves. From top certifications and equipment to 24/7 emergency response, we have what it takes to handle commercial snow removal and ice management on any type of property.

As part of the Toronto Property Solutions Snow Removal Mandate, clients receive the following service’s so you can rest assured your parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways will be cleared promptly, so long as there is snow in the forecast

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