De-Icing Solutions

Freezing rain & ice formation can be the most treacherous weather condition to contend with

As rain hits the sub-zero surface of the ground, black ice begins to form, Invisible to drivers and pedestrians, there is a greater risk of accidents. Fortunately, we offer complete deicing and ice maintenance services to ensure safety and protection for your property. 

Slip and fall concerns are always on property manager’s minds, our team helps mitigate the risks, giving you the peace of mind that your employees, visitors, tenants, and customers will be protected. 

After the clearing of heavy snowfall, our team will insure against the formation of snow and ice with the distribution of our eco-friendly salt and deicing solutions. Our team is Smart About Salt Certified, with comprehensive ice management knowledge, and can address all safety concerns proactively.

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Our Snow Removal Solutions

Toronto Property Solutions offers enterprise-level snow removal and ice management services for commercial, municipal, institutional, and condominium clients within the Greater Toronto Area. Our team has built credibility and trust within the property maintenance industry as one of the best, and our reviews speak for themselves. From top certifications and equipment to 24/7 emergency response, we have what it takes to handle commercial snow removal and ice management on any type of property.

As part of the Toronto Property Solutions Snow Removal Mandate, clients receive the following service’s so you can rest assured your parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways will be cleared promptly, so long as there is snow in the forecast

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