Fence Solutions

Toronto property Solutions is your one-stop-shop for fencing needs​

Whether you’re looking to install a fence to ensure safety and security for your children and pets, added privacy from public sidewalks and streets, or supplemental decorative element to your property. We got you covered.

Types of Fencing:

  • Traditional Wood FencingWood Fences provide a conventional look compared to the other types of fences. Wood offers many design options and versatility; can be given any shape and is available in many sizes, stainable and paintable.
  • Vinyl FencingA popular substitute for traditional wood fencing, Vinyl is a composite material that typically lasts much longer and is stronger than wood. Vinyl offers a variety of colors and maintains its look, not requiring repainting, refinishing and will typically last a lifetime
  • Chain Link FencingChain Link fencing is the most cost-effective and easy to install & maintain, this type of fence offers great protection, durability, variety, and security.
  • Wrought/Cast Iron FencingWrought iron fencing or cast iron fencing is a great choice for an upscale commercial or institutional property. This type of fencing is durable, eco-friendly, low maintenance, and elegant which is great for security. It offers several aesthetic options with various designs and patterns to choose from.

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Construction Services

Toronto Property Solutions have the in-house expertise and relationships with licensed subcontractors to tackle your large and small construction projects on time and within budget.

Our team oversees and manages all phases of the project, from communicating with the municipality, acquiring permits, and coordinating several stages with trusted licensed tradespeople to ensure the job is completed on time, according to specifications, and to a high safety standard.

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